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Why Partner with OMG for Your SEO Success?

We have best in breed specialists in:

At OMG, our evidence-driven approach is backed by over a decade of industry experience. With insights from 1000+ successful campaigns, we've developed an SEO process that not only boosts traffic but also thrives against competitive keywords.

Beyond rankings, we focus on understanding your unique business needs, ensuring our strategies align with your goals. It's not just about numbers; it's about real, impactful results for your business.

The Three Pillars of SEO Success in 2023

Your website's organic rankings in Google is influenced by three core areas:

1. Technical SEO

Ensures search engines can crawl and index your site efficiently. Focuses on site speed, mobile optimisation, and structured data for optimal user experience.

2. Website Relevance

Aligns content with user intent. Structures site and curates content to resonate with users, optimising meta tags and on-page elements for search queries.

3. Authority & Influence

Measures your site's online reputation. High-quality backlinks from authoritative sites signal trustworthiness and credibility to search engines.

Innovation & AI Supporting SEO Excellence

Elevate Your SEO Strategy with Our Cutting-Edge AI and Innovative Approaches

Our Innovation arm, supported by our dedicated R&D division, ensures that our innovation and AI methodologies are not just advanced but also tested internally before they're made commercially available.

While many agencies dabble in AI or even claim to be AI experts, their strategies often remain experimental, untested, and produce unpredictable results.

Experimental and untested AI tools and processes can have a negative effect in the way Google's responds to your website. You should err on the side of caution because there is no room for error.

Choose Innovation and Certainty Over Chance

Without the scale, expertise, and resourcing to validate their methods, other agencies are treading on thin ice with your business. Don't let their experimental strategies jeopardise your brand's reputation and success.

Our commitment is unquestionable: quality, longevity, and revenue-boosting outcomes, all supercharged by our innovative and AI-driven tactics. This unique synergy ensures swifter results, unmatched efficiency, and optimal budget allocation.

Our Unique Success Driven Methodology

Our proven methods applied to over 1000 clients maximise your chances of success. Here's what you can expect:

Month 1

Your Comprehensive SEO Strategy

We kick off with a 5-part digital strategy to lay the foundation for success. From market research, keyword mapping, technical evaluations, content strategies, to backlink reviews, we cover all bases.


SEO Market Analysis

We delve deep into your SEO landscape to uncover:


Keyword Excellence & Strategy

Harnessing our research, we craft a superior on-page SEO strategy by:


Technical SEO Excellence Audit

Our comprehensive evaluation encompasses:

Part 4

Content Mastery for SEO

Armed with SEO insights, our content experts take the lead:

Part 5

Backlink Excellence & Strategy

We architect a robust SEO backlink plan to elevate your Domain Authority:

Month 2 onwards

Perfectly Aligned Plan Execution

Our agile campaign development is built on a foundation of continuous TLC, which stands for Technical SEO, Links, and Content.

This encompasses optimising site performance, strategic link-building for authority, and crafting high-quality content tailored to resonate with your audience.


Technical SEO Excellence Recommendations

We meticulously evaluate your Technical SEO, Schema optimisations, and conduct comprehensive site technical reviews, ensuring you're aligned with the best SEO practices


Ongoing Excellence in Authority & Influence Building

We continuously delve into link research, analysis, and review (both for your site and competitors). Our mission is to elevate your Authority and Influence through strategic link-building.


Relevance & Content Excellence Implementation

Content remains a cornerstone of SEO. We consistently review and refine your content, ensuring it drives both rankings and traffic growth, embodying SEO excellence.

Ongoing SEO Excellence in Reporting, Insights & Analysis

Our commitment to SEO excellence is not only reflected in our strategies but also in our state-of-the-art reporting product, Gurulytics.

Through Gurulytics, we provide in-depth insights and analysis that not only measure but also guide your SEO journey.

Additionally, our dedicated team manually crafts relevant and authoritative backlinks, amplifying your website's visibility

Real Results, Real Clients

Our commitment to performance has garnered us numerous accolades, but what truly drives us is the success of our clients. From SMEs to large enterprises, our strategies have propelled businesses to new heights.


Boutique Retailer with Chain store level visibility in Google.

Increase in Top 3 Keyword Rankings


Increase in Organic Revenue YoY


Increase in Organic Keyword Reach


Page 1, Position 1 for ‘Outdoor Furniture’


Organic Page 1 keywords

Outdoor Elegance have a multi year engagement with Online Marketing Gurus to seriously grow their SEO share of voice, rankings and visibility.
The results speak for themselves achieving achieving Page 1 Position 1 NATIONALLY for “Outdoor Furniture” for over 897 top 3 high search volume terms.
OMG - Case Study - Outdoor Elegance
OMG - Case Study - Outdoor Elegance Thumb


Dominating both Paid and Organic SERPS with OMG Evidence Driven Search.

Increase in overall Keyword Reach


Increase in Organic Conversions YoY


Page 1, Position 1 for ‘Buyers Agency Sydney’

top 3

Over 120 keywords in Top 3 Organic SERPs


Increase in Top 3 positions


Increase in new users YoY

Cohen Handler needed an SEO Strategy to back their rapid success offline. After deploying our 3 Part SEO Strategy CH now dominate their most competitive keywords in the Organic SERPS. We also stacked Google Ads to significantly increase leads and dominate page 1.
OMG - Case Study - Cohen Handler
OMG - Case Study - Cohen Handler - Thumb


Macquarie Telecom leverage OMG for B2B SEO Success.

Increase in Organic Keyword Reach


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Organic Clicks on SERPS


Domain rating increase (core SEO success factor)

Macquarie Data Centres was seeing little to no traffic coming through their website for generic keywords related to their services. A large portion of branded keywords were also being dominated by their parent entity – Macquarie Telecom.
We created a premium landing page coupled with a highly targeted Google Ads campaign, which allowed us to differentiate ourselves and rank quickly for more generic service keywords.
OMG - Case Study - Macquarie Telecom
OMG - Case Study - Macquarie Telecom Thumb


Making cake from OMG’s Evidence Driven SEO Strategies.

Increase in Organic Revenue YoY


Increase in 1st page visibility


Position for: ‘cake delivery Sydney’, ‘cake delivery Melbourne’ & ‘same day cake delivery’


Increase in Organic Traffic YoY

Cake Delivery and Food delivery in general is a massive growth market in Digital. Big growth markets means you need big bold strategies to stand out.
OMG’s evidence driven SEO, focusing on our 3 Core Tenets of SEO optimisation helped Cake Mail catapult their business onto the top of the SERPS for their most competitive terms.
OMG - Case Study - CakeMail

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OMG - Brand Yellow Shape
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We empower brands of all sizes to achieve unparalleled growth.

Leveraging our unique and proven Evidence-Driven SEO Marketing framework, we've championed brands from diverse scales, with a notable 70-80% being SMBs.

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4.9 stars out of 512 reviews
OMG have evolved to become trusted partners and proactively deliver valuable SEO insights. Can highly recommend Emily and Danny for their professionalism and communication skills.
OMG has a professional team of digital marketing and SEO experts. The company provides an excellent service, with great results. Curtis and his team are always on hand to offer advice and support, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with their digital marketing or SEO.
Since starting to work with OMG, our team has quadrupled in size, and due to the extreme growth in leads, our business has grown by 64%. They might be digital specialists, however, I call them ‘carers’; they genuinely care about their clients personally and professionally.
The team at OMG are super lovely to work with and in a short amount of time have been able to deliver above and beyond what we originally expected. Looking forward forward to our continued partnership!
OMG have been a dream to work with so far and I can’t praise our account manager, Hannah R enough for her professionalism, patience and advice with both our SEO & PPC campaign. From day one, I’ve had great interaction with Hannah, all my questions have been answered quickly and if I ever need any extra explanation, she is more than happy to provide that. I would highly recommend them.
We love working with the guys and girls at OMG. Emily, Dan and Wendy are great to work with both on SEO and PPC. It is good to get their expertise when it comes to movements in the industry and see our business benefit from the work we do with them.
O.M.G. live up to their name! Every person we’ve dealt with has been impressive and motivated to produce quality results. Chantelle Raso is our Account Executive, and an absolute dream to work with! Highly recommend.